I have to admit to being really crept out by all the websites cropping up that offer free TV and movie viewing opportunities. After all, TV shows only are paid according to how many people view their shows along with their commercials and new movies only make money from viewers going to the theatre and buying DVDs. How can it possibly be legal to watch a free movie online on Soap2Day or similar sites?

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Well, with gas prices getting higher, and with food prices steadily climbing, life is beginning to get boring as there is less and less money for entertainment. The idea of viewing free Christmas Soap2Dat movies is becoming more and more attractive. It is also a relief to discover that many of these free movie sites are legal.

Public Domain movies are legal to download. They can be found all over Google Video and You Tube. Just because these movies are in the public domain does not mean they are all old and in black and white. Many documentaries and independent films are introduced into the public domain almost immediately. A site that will help your find free public domain movies, documentaries, and other free movies online is Soap2Day.

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You can find many popular TV shows online as well. These shows can actually be found directly on the TV Network website. NBC for example allows you to watch most of its in season shows online like as Netflix on Soap2Day. 30 Rock, America's Got Talent, and Late Night with Conan Obrien can be seen any time of the day. In addition, the website also features older classic TV shows like the A-Team and Miami Vice. Fox.com, CBS.com and several other networks also offers viewers the opportunities to catch up on their favorite shows and even soap operas.